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KB-000256: How do I record audio for Impatica products with Windows Sound Recorder?

Windows Sound Recorder is a simple audio recording utility included with Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista Operating Systems. It hasn't changed over the years, so this tip should be accurate no matter what version of Windows you are running.

You can use Sound Recorder to record your narration files for audio-only OnCue presentations. Sound Recorder produces PCM format WAV files which are supported by OnCue and Impatica for PowerPoint. To do this, your computer must have a sound card (most do) and you'll need a headset/microphone to plug into your computer.

Other features of Sound Recorder include simple editing, mixing, and adding effects to sound files with ease. Let your imagination and creativity loose to create your own sound effects.

This tool is also useful for converting many Microsoft Clip Art sounds to PCM format from their native ADPCM format. Steps for doing this are:

Save the PPT file as a web page (html format)

Look in the Web folder that is created during the save process and locate the WAV files.

Open the WAV files in Windows Sound Recorder: Start button -> All Programs ->Accessories -> Entertainment -> Sound Recorder

Once the file is open in Sound Recorder, select File -> Save As
Within the Save As dialog box, the format of the file will be listed at the bottom of the dialog box.

Click on the "Change..." button.

Adjust the quality to be PCM format 8000 kHz, 16 bit, Mono.

Provide the file with a new name.

Click the "Save" button

Add the new file to the PowerPoint slide: (Insert -> Sound  -> Sound from file OR Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Sound from file)

Reimpaticize the file and it should work.

We recommended that Impatica users use the following settings for recording all sounds and narrations:
  • PCM WAV files
  • 8000 kHz
  • 16-bit
  • Mono

Impatica OnCue and Impatica for PowerPoint will downsample and convert all sounds to 8000 kHz, 16-bit, mono. Therefore, recording the source audio at these settings will produce the best impaticized output while using relatively compact source file sizes.

To set these parameters using Sound Recorder, you can do the following:

  • In the File menu, choose Properties.
  • From the "Choose from:" drop-down menu select "Recording formats", and click the "Convert Now..." button
  • In the "Sound Selection" window, use the "Attributes:" drop-down menu to choose 8000 Hz, 16-Bit, Mono, 15 kb/sec.
  • You can save these settings by clicking the Save As... button. A pop-up will prompt you to "save this format as." Type in a name you'll remember, such as "Impatica." Click OK.

You can now record your sound files by clicking the Record button. By making the changes listed above, your sound files will be ready to use in any future impaticized presentation.

NOTE: Some versions of Sound Recorder limit the length of newly created WAV files to 60 seconds. This is unfortunate but cannot be changed. The tool is still very useful for converting the format of larger files to PCM from other formats such as ADPCM.

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