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KB-000253: Do you have any tips for creating narration audio files?

Narration is a critical component of Internet delivered presentations. Here are some suggestions to make your narration more engaging and effective:
  • Be brief and to the point. Online viewers have a very short attention span and they are only a single click away from leaving. The narration for each slide should be no longer than one minute and preferably less than 30 seconds.

  • Use a script. Even though you may be highly effective as a stand-up or impromptu presenter, your online presentation does not benefit from your presence and charisma.
    More importantly, you do not have the benefit of watching and gauging your audience’s reaction and perhaps modifying your delivery accordingly.

  • Edit and re-edit the script to produce the shortest possible way of delivering a clear, concise and focused message.

  • Consider using a professional narrator and sound recording studio. This really depends on the objective of your presentation and on the intended audience. If, for example, you are using professionally prepared graphics, your presentation probably warrants professional narration. Try it yourself, review the results, and judge for yourself.

  • Identify the author of the presentation. Often viewers like to know who is speaking to them. Consider including a picture of the author, even if it is not the narrator, of the presentation.

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