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KB-000252: What are the "Apply to All" and "Save as Default" buttons used for in Impatica for PowerPoint?

When using Impatica for PowerPoint, you may want to use the same conversion settings for many PowerPoint files. The "Apply to All" and "Save as Default" buttons provide this functionality.

Each tab in the "Conversion Settings" section of Impatica for PowerPoint includes an "Apply to All" and a "Save as Default" button. Click the "Apply to All" button to apply the settings on the current tab to all of the files displayed in the Source PowerPoint Files list.

To create default settings, click the "Save as Default" button. Once saved as the defaults, the settings on the current tab will be applied to any additional files added to this batch of source files and will be the default settings for this tab when you run Impatica for PowerPoint in the future.

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