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KB-000251: What are the files (assets) required to build an OnCue presentation?

There are several key components of an Impatica OnCue project. Some of these components, called "assets," are viewed or heard directly by the audience and some work behind the scenes to make sure every element of the show is in sync. Here is a breakdown of the different OnCue assets:

Source video or audio file Either a video file or an audio file with an accompanying still image is required for both full and video-only presentations. For full presentations the size of the video must match the template provided. In most cases, this means that the video frame size must be 160 x120 pixels. For video only, the output video size will be the same as the input video. Video options can only be set once the video file is entered in the Project Assets tab.

For audio-only presentations, an image file (.gif or .jpeg) may be placed inside the project folder. Like the video, the image must have dimensions that match the template provided. For most templates, the image size must be 160x120 pixels.
Marker text file The marker file is required in full presentation mode and is optional in video-only mode. In full presentation mode, the marker file contains a listing of all synchronization information. The marker file can be created and edited using the Impatica OnCue edit window. In video-only mode, the marker file represents a list of points in time to split the video into separate video clips.
Script text file The narrative script file can be generated automatically using Impatica for PowerPoint. It includes the slide titles for the presentation's table of contents and the text for the scrolling searchable text box, which is derived from the "Notes" section of your PowerPoint file.
Presentation Impatica file The impaticized PowerPoint presentation.
Template Impatica file The customized template provided by Impatica. It specifies the layout, branding and look and feel of the presentation. An evaluation template file is included in the EvalKit.

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