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KB-000249: My fonts or bullets are not the same after conversion with Impatica for PowerPoint. How can I fix this?

During the conversion process, Impatica for PowerPoint uses the font groups that are installed on the converting computer to complete the process. If you notice that your fonts or bullets are not appearing as you thought they would then this may be because that specific font is not installed on the converting computer or is not a TrueType (TT) font.

To verify that all of the required fonts are TrueType and installed:
  1. Open your PowerPoint file on the converting computer.
  2. Under the Format menu, select Replace Fonts.
  3. Within the Replace Fonts dialog box, there are two drop-down menus: "Replace:" and "With:"
  4. The "Replace:" drop-down list will list all of the fonts that are used in the open PowerPoint file. If any of the fonts in the list has a question mark (?) to the left of the font name, then that font is not installed on that computer. You should replace these fonts.
  5. To replace the missing fonts with installed fonts, select the missing font from the "Replace:" drop-down list.
  6. Select a new TrueType (TT) font from the "With:" drop-down list that is similar to the missing or non-TrueType font.
  7. This change will replace the original font with the new font you selected throughout the presentation.

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