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KB-000247: Designing for Performance: Dividing Large Presentations or Creating a Table of Contents

Viewing long PowerPoint presentations online can be daunting for your audience. Impatica for PowerPoint allows you to link several smaller presentations together so that the content can be absorbed in small increments.

Impatica Customer Support suggests that you break up larger presentations into several chapters. For example, if you have a 100 slide PowerPoint file you could divide it into four sections of 25 slides each. This will allow your viewers to watch a section of the presentation and then return to it later to view the remaining sections without having to navigate through the slides they have already seen.

To produce a group of presentations like this, you would:
  1. Divide your large PowerPoint into logical chapters (or sub sections). To do this quickly, save the original presentation once for each chapter. Then open each chapter presentation, view it in slide sorter view and delete the slides that are not relevant to that chapter. For this example, let’s say there are four chapter PowerPoint files.
  2. Create a single slide table of contents (TOC) presentation. When using version 3 and older, the single slide PowerPoint file must have the same slide dimensions as the chapter PowerPoint files.Version 4 and earlier files don't share this restriction.
  3. Place all of the PowerPoint files (the four chapters and the TOC) into a single folder on your computer.
  4. Create hyperlinks from the TOC to each of the chapter presentations. A good tip here is to include the number of slides per part and viewing time beside each of the chapter headings. In addition, if they are self running presentations, the total running time is also useful.
  5. Import the single TOC slide into each of the chapter PowerPoint files as the last slide in each presentation. This will avoid your viewers from having to navigate back to the TOC at the end of each chapter.

    If this will become cumbersome to maintain, simply provide a link back to the TOC presentation in the footer of the last slide or in the footer on the master so that the user can link back to the TOC at any time during playback.
  6. Add all five PowerPoint files to the Impatica for PowerPoint software.
  7. Choose your settings for all of the source presentation files.
    If you would like Impatica’s playback controls to appear throughout the presentation, simply select "include playback controls" for the TOC presentation.
  8. Once the conversion has completed, you can launch the presentation by double-clicking the TOC’s HTML file.
  9. When you click the hyperlink for chapter one, it will display within the HTML file for the TOC. The same is true for all of the other parts.
  10. Upload all of the -imp.jar files, the TOC HTML file and one player ImPlayerXYZ.jar file to a single folder on your server and provide your viewers with a link to the HTML file.

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