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KB-000246: What keyboard shortcuts are available for the OnCue Edit Window?

Impatica OnCue offers several keyboard shortcuts that make using the edit window quicker and easier.

The following keyboard shortcuts may be used in the OnCue Edit window:

+ Zoom In
- Zoom Out
s Place Slide
p Place Paragraph
a Place Animation
Spacebar Play/Pause
c Center Current Playhead Position
Ctrl - c Move Playhead To Center Of View
, (comma) Move Playhead Left
. (period) Move Playhead Right
Alt - Ctrl - , Move Playhead To Start Of Movie
Alt - Ctrl - . Move Playhead To End Of Movie
Alt - , Scroll Left
Alt - . Scroll Right
Ctrl - , Scroll Block Left
Ctrl - . Scroll Block Right
Ctrl - s Save
Ctrl - Shift - z Revert
Ctrl - i Import Animation Cues From Source

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