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KB-000245: Impatica for PowerPoint Video Settings: What You Need to Know

Impatica for PowerPoint offers a frame rate setting with four options: low, medium, high and file, which will be applied to all AVI videos contained within a PowerPoint presentation. This setting, combined with the original frame rate of each source video, determines exactly how many frames per second will be retained in the impaticized video.

Refer to the chart below to determine exactly which frame rate will be produced for each of your videos:

Original Video Frame Rate (fps) Actual Converted Frame Rate (fps)
Low Medium High File
5 1 5 5 5
6 2 6 6 6
10 2 5 10 10
12 2 6 6 12
15 3 5 15 15
20 2 5 10 20
24 2 6 12 24
28 2 4 14 28
30 2 6 15 30


In order to reach the widest possible audience with your video, we recommend producing multiple impaticized presentations, each tailored for a specific Internet connection speed.

For most videos we recommend using the following settings:
  • 12 fps
  • 24-bit color depth
  • Frame size that is no larger than 240 X 176
  • PCM format, WAV file audio
Example Conversion Settings:

Using a video created with these recommendations, we suggest you produce impaticized presentations with the following conversion settings:

Viewer Connection: Dial-up Connections Moderate Connections High Speed Connections
Encode for Speed: Still 128 kbps 256 kbps
Frame Rate: n/a High (= a 6 fps result) File (= a 12 fps result)
Network Overhead: Default Default Default

NOTE: These three conversions must be saved to different folders so that the impaticized videos do not overwrite each other when they are produced.

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