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KB-000244: Creating an Autorun CD for an Impatica OnCue Presentation

Every autorun CD requires a *.inf file that contains autorun instructions. We have provided an file that contains two files: "autorun.inf" and "autorun.bat". The autorun.inf file automatically launches the autorun.bat file which in turn launches the HTML page that contains the OnCue content.

Note: Autorun CD-ROMs will only work if the user has not disabled this feature on their computer. In addition, Macintosh computers do not support autorun CD-ROMs. Given this, instructions outlining how to launch the presentation manually should also be provided.

Here are the steps:

  1. Place these two files at the root of your CD project. Then copy your OnCue project folder to the root of the CD project (please do not include the assets in this folder). A typical OnCue project folder will contain the following files (and folders):

    - "video" folder
    - ImPlayer-OnCueVideo.jar
    - ProjectName.imp
    - ProjectName.html
    - ProjectName.ipj
    - ProjectName.txt
    - ProjectName-template.imp

    These files cannot be placed at the root of the CD. Leave them in the OnCue project folder. In short, simply copy the OnCue project folder to the root of the CD project.
  2. Following this, move the ProjectName.html file from within the OnCue project folder to the root of the CD project. The root of the CD project will now contain the autorun.inf, autorun.bat and the ProjectName.html files. In addition, you will see the OnCue project folder at this level.
  3. You must then edit the applet tag within the Impatica-generated HTML file (ProjectName.html file) by inserting "CODEBASE= "OnCueProjectfoldername/" within the applet tag. This codebase line will tell the Impatica applet where to find the player *.jar file(s) and the OnCue content on the CD.

    Here is an example of what the final applet tags will look like:

    <APPLET CODE = "com.impatica.v333.ImpVideoPpt.class"
    CODEBASE = "OnCueProjectfoldername/"
    ARCHIVE = "ImPlayer333-OnCueVideo.jar" WIDTH = 778 HEIGHT = 525>
    <PARAM NAME = "ARCHIVE" VALUE = "ImPlayer333-OnCueVideo.jar">
    <PARAM NAME = "UI" VALUE = "YourOnCueProjectName-template">
    <PARAM NAME = "SPEED" VALUE = "256,still">
    <PARAM NAME = "DEFSPEED" VALUE = "still">
    <PARAM NAME = "VOLUME" VALUE = "200">
    <PARAM NAME = "FILE" VALUE = "YourOnCueProjectName">

    Once you have entered the CODEBASE into the applet tag, save the HTML file.
  4. The final step is to rename the "ProjectName.html" file to "index.html". This is required because the autorun.bat file is looking for an HTML file named index.html.
  5. With all of the elements in place, burn your CD project and then test your CD.

Please see KB Document 343 for instructions on making an autorun CD-ROM for impaticized presentations created with Impatica for PowerPoint.

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