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KB-000243: I cannot install Impatica for PowerPoint on my Windows Vista computer. Is there a way around this?

1- Impatica for PowerPoint v.4.0+ supports Windows Vista. Please install our current release from here:
2- With some of the early editions of Vista there were issues reported with installing Impatica for PowerPoint. To address this, we created the following work around. For existing clients who are either unable or unwilling to upgrade to version 4+ of Impatica for PowerPoint, please follow these instructions:

This workaround has been successfully used to install older versions of Impatica for PowerPoint (e.g. 3.6.4) in Vista environments.

Since Impatica software does not write essential information to the Windows registry during an installation, you can download a zipped version of the Impatica for PowerPoint installation directory:

Once that file is downloaded, unzip it to your "Program Files" directory. This should create an "Impatica for PowerPoint 3.6.4" directory under "Program Files".

Navigate to the "C:\Program Files\Impatica for PowerPoint 3.6.4\bin" directory and locate the "ImpaticaForPowerPoint.exe" file. Make a shortcut to this file and place the shortcut on your desktop. Now you should be able to double-click this shortcut to launch the software.

If you continue to have issues:
Please write to:
or call 800-548-3475 x: 238 (in North America) or 613-736-9982 x: 238

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