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KB-000241: I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my ShowMate and am receiving a "File to send cannot be found" error message.

Ensure that you extract the contents of the zip file as opposed to dragging and dropping the contents. If you try to use the contents of the zip file without first extracting all of the files, the installer will not be able to locate the associated files it requires.

Also, make sure you are not extracting the files and folders to a system folder under My Documents.  Even though the files are extracted correctly, this error has still occurred for some users under this scenario.

Unzip the contents of the file using an unzipping software (like WinZip) to your desktop. This action will create a folder with subfolders. Use these files to install the ShowMate driver and to upgrade the ShowMate firmware.

Additonal Resource:
This web page outlines the steps for updating the ShowMate firmware and installing the driver. Look in section 2 of the page:

If you are still having difficulty, please contact Impatica Support:

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