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KB-000221: Could you please let me know of any known issues you may have with the use of Impatica and Lingo.

There’s a list of supported lingo commands in the Director User Manual, section 7.15:

Impatica for Director is a desktop software tool that converts Macromedia Director files into a compressed, streaming file format that is optimized for e-mail or Internet delivery at modem speeds, plug-in free. Engaging, interactive rich media Director movies can now be delivered cross-platform without viewers needing to have the Shockwave plug-in installed.

As there are no planned upgrades to our Impatica for Director product, we currently do not offer a customer support and upgrades option.

It should be noted that Impatica for Director only supports a small sub-set of the features found within Macromedia Director. Director movies need to be constructed with the limitations of Impatica for Director in mind to ensure desired results. If you’re unwilling to re-design your Director movies as needed, this product may not meet your requirements. As an alternative, you may wish to consider creating presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint and using our award-winning Impatica for PowerPoint instead.

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