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KB-000192: When I select View Attachment on my BlackBerry, I get a pinwheel for a long time. What is the cause?

  1. Ensure that the handler is configured to send converted e-mails to the correct e-mail account:
    • If the services are running, stop the Conversion Manager and Converter Services via the Administration Utility's Status tab by clicking the Stop buttons;
    • Use a mail client to view the contents of the mailbox associated with the e-mail address specified in the Configuration tab of the Administration Utility;
    • Try to View Attachment again from the device. An e-mail request should be delivered to the inbox;
    • If you do not see any e-mails in the inbox then the Handler is incorrectly configured;
    • Launch Windows Explorer and navigate to the ImpHandler folder under the software installation folder. The default is C:\Program Files\ImpaticaForBES;
    • Verify that the "ImpHandlerResource.cod" file has been updated. Although this is a binary file, you can view it with a text editor like Notepad and you should see embedded somewhere in the file the e-mail address that will be used by the handler to send conversion requests;
    • If the e-mail address in the file does not match the full e-mail address specified in the Configuration tab of the Administration Utility then you need to update the field again as follows:
      • From the Administration Utility go to the Configuration tab < E-mail Settings section < set the Full e-mail address field to the desired e-mail address;
      • Click outside of the e-mail address field being edited so that the field is no longer editable;
      • Click the Apply button.
    • If the e-mail address in the file matches the e-mail address specified in the Configuration screen then you can try to update the handler software on the device with the files in the ImpHandler folder;
    • The handler software needs to be reloaded from the ImpHandler folder anytime the full e-mail address property is changed;
    • Once you confirm that you receive e-mails in the inbox then you can restart the Conversion Manager and Converter Services;
    • If e-mails are still not received in the inbox, ensure that you can send an e-mail manually from the device to the e-mail address;
    • Also, ensure that the e-mail with the attached PowerPoint presentation was received after the correct version of the Impatica Presentation Viewer and Handler was installed on the BlackBerry device.
  2. Ensure that the conversion e-mail requests are being processed correctly:
    • From the Administration Utility, click the "Logs" tab and check the "ImpaticaConversionManager.log" file to see if the e-mail conversion request was processed by the Conversion Manager. There should be a message "Received request from:" when an e-mail request is being processed. NOTE: log files are rolled-over daily so in order to see any archived logs, you’ll need to click the Browse Logs Folder button;
    • Shortly after this message appears in the log, check for a message "[Converter Name] is confirming [ImpaticaJob, ID: JobId]: Yes";
    • Open the ImpaticaConverter_<port>.log file associated with the Converter Name and look for the message "Processing: [ImpaticaJob, ID: JobID]" where JobID matches the JobID in the Conversion Manager log;
    • Look for the messages "PowerPoint ? imp conversion complete", "imp ? imv conversion complete", "File conversion finished" in the Converter log. This indicates a successful conversion.
  3. Ensure that the converted presentations are being pushed back to the requesting device:
    • Check the ImpaticaConversionManager.log for messages queued outgoing packet and MESSAGE SENT for the requested file;
    • If these messages appear, ensure that the "BlackBerry Mobile Data Service" is started in the window services applet on the BES. If this is not started, everything will appear to work correctly, (including the admin utility tests), however the messages will never get pushed to the handheld;
    • Ensure that the MDS Server has been set as a Push Server on the BES.

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