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KB-000186: I installed the Impatica Presentation Viewer but I donít get the View Attachment menu option. How can I fix this?

If you do not get the View Attachment option perform these steps:
  1. From the BlackBerry home screen, navigate to Options, Advanced Options, Applications, Impatica Presentation Viewer and then select Modules from the menu;
  2. Look for the Imp4BESResource module. If it does not exist, your Impatica Presentation Viewer is NOT Impatica for BES enabled. Ask the Impatica for BES administrator how to get the Impatica for BES enabled handheld software. If the module does exist, scroll to it and select View Properties from the menu. In the Description section look for an e-mail address on the second line. If the address is*, the Impatica for BES handheld software has not been configured properly. Ask the Impatica for BES administrator to configure the handheld software;
  3. Ensure that the e-mail with the PowerPoint attachment was sent AFTER the correct Impatica Presentation Viewer was installed. Any e-mails sent before cannot be viewed using Impatica for BES;
  4. Ensure that you are scrolling down to the attachment at the end of the e-mail before opening the menu. The RIM attachment service allows the user to click anywhere in the e-mail to Open Attachment but our software requires an attachment to be selected first in or to use the View Attachment menu item.

    *NOTE: Impatica Presentation Viewer and Handler installations that contain the email address in the Imp4BESResource module will not see the "View Attachment" menu item.

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