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KB-000177: I'm getting a 'No Response from Host' error on my BlackBerry handheld when I select 'View Attachment' to view a PowerPoint e-mail attachment. What is the cause?

In some cases a "No Response from Host" message after a "View Attachment" request is a result of your Exchange mailbox being full and thus restricted from sending outgoing mail. If you attempted to send an e-mail via Outlook or "Compose Email" on the BlackBerry you would have seen some indication that the message was not sent. In Outlook you are given a message advising of a restricted mailbox due to size; on the BlackBerry you are informed that the message has not been successfully sent by a ‘X’ beside the message name rather than a check mark. In our software you get a "No Response from Host" error if the handheld is unable to send an email request for the conversion you've requested.

A full mailbox can be remedied by clearing up some space in your mailbox or contacting your Server administrator.

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