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KB-000174: Is there a way in which we can improve the playback times of Impatica for BES conversion requests? We tested with an 11MB file and it took just over 4 minutes before the presentation was successfully downloaded and viewable on the handheld.

The playback performance of a presentation is very dependent on different factors such as the size of the file, the content (i.e., graphic and animation rich), and the time of day. We have done many tests to try to find a dependency on the conversion time with the above factors. What we discovered is that the bottleneck is usually in the mobile network. If you request a presentation during peak usage hours we find a noticeable delay in the delivery of the presentation compared to usage during non-peak hours. The conversion server actually sends out data packets as the conversion progresses so you don't actually have to wait until the entire presentation is converted before sending out data to the handheld. In this way we are trying to minimize the wait.

A few other things worth mentioning regarding performance optimization:
  • There is a cache mechanism on the handheld so that subsequent requests to convert the same presentation will be retrieved from the handler cache instead of trying to request a conversion again from the server. Cache parameters are configurable on the handheld and through the Administration Utility on the server. You have to reload the handler software after making changes to these parameters for them to take effect.
  • You also have the ability to save the presentation to your handheld while viewing a converted presentation in case you would like to use it later. That way you can access it locally versus trying to convert it again. The previously viewed presentations can be accessed and managed from the Impatica Presentation Viewer application. Temporary Presentations reflect presentations in the cache and Saved Presentations are the ones you have chosen to save. You also have the ability to move presentations from Temporary to Saved and to delete items from the cache.
  • There is a server side cache mechanism which will detect if a presentation has been converted before, mostly for the case of broadcast e-mails, and if found the software will circumvent the conversion process and send the cached data immediately to the handheld. You have the ability to clear the cache on the server via the Impatica for BES Administration Utility in the "Cache" tab.
  • The conversion process can be quite CPU and memory intensive especially for presentations that are rich in both graphics and animations. Given that, any other application which is vying for the CPU and RAM can decrease the performance of the conversion server. Adding more RAM to the server may improve the conversion performance.

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