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KB-000017: I keep getting the "No ShowMate found" dialog box. How can I get this to work?

This message can be displayed for several reasons. Please check the following:

  • Ensure that the ShowMate is powered using the BlackBerry charger and ready for projecting. If powered correctly, you should see the LED in the ‘i’ of Impatica lit up. The ShowMate is ready when the splash screen is displayed on your display device (projector or monitor, etc.).
  • Ensure that the device port (the port with a picture of a mobile device above it) on the ShowMate has nothing in it when projecting via Bluetooth unless you have an external Bluetooth dongle included with your ShowMate. Having the USB cable in this port while attempting to project via Bluetooth will cause the connection to not work. Oddly enough, you will be able to pair the ShowMate with your device under this configuration but you will not be able to project.
  • If you are using a password protected Blackberry and projecting using the USB cable (as opposed to Bluetooth), you must use the ShowMate Updater desktop application to enter Blackberry PINs and passwords that will be used with the ShowMate. The Updater application and ShowMate driver can be downloaded from:
         Only after committing those changes will you be able to project on the ShowMate from a password protected Blackberry. NOTE: there is no need to do this step if you are projecting via Bluetooth.
  • If using a USB connection, ensure the BlackBerry is connected to the ShowMate using the provided USB cable.
  • If using a Bluetooth connection, ensure the Bluetooth adapter has been inserted in the ShowMate before powering up. NOTE: Newer ShowMates have Bluetooth built in
  • If you are using multiple ShowMates with external Bluetooth adapters it is possible the adapters could have been swapped between the units, you can try to remove the Bluetooth pairing on the BlackBerry and re-pair the ShowMate.

Another cause for this message is if the wrong handheld password is entered into the ShowMate when you are attempting to make a connection - this can be due to either user error or the type of keyboard on your BlackBerry device has both numbers and letters on the keys and you are inadvertently typing letters instead of numbers or visa-versa.  A method to test the actual password one is entering is to launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and enter in what you think the password is once prompted.  You're prompted immediately after the application has launched and your handheld is connected to the PC.  

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