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KB-000169: I am running Impatica for BES 1.x. How do I upgrade to version 2.x?

Version 2 requires new registration information which must be obtained from your sales representative.

Follow these steps once you have received your new registration information:
  1. Backup the C:\Program Files\ImpaticaForBES \Conf\ file;
  2. Uninstall Impatica for BES 1.x;
  3. Download the latest version of Impatica for BES;
  4. Install Impatica for BES 2.x. If SSL is needed, reinstall the certificate (see importing a non-trusted/self-signed SSL certificate);
  5. Copy the old file to C:\Program Files\ImpaticaForBES\UserConfig\ overwriting the new file
  6. Launch the Administration Utility and verify the settings are correct;
  7. Click the Apply button;
  8. Verify C:\Program Files\ImpaticaForBES\ImpHandler\Imp4BESResource.cod has been updated;
  9. Redeploy the new Impatica viewer and handler to the handhelds.

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