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KB-000167: When I click "Test Settings" my e-mail connection test fails. How should I proceed?

For all Protocols:
  1. Determine which protocol you are using and if SSL is required or not;
  2. Confirm that a new mailbox has been created that is devoted to Impatica for BES;
  3. Confirm that the service is running for the corresponding protocol and log in to confirm the credentials are correct.
  1. Ensure IMAP service is configured and running (it is off by default in both Domino and Exchange);
  2. Open a command prompt and telnet to the mail server on the IMAP port (traditionally 143). Ensure that this is done from the machine running Impatica for BES. Example:
    telnet 143;
  3. You should see something like the line below. If you do not, then IMAP is not enabled, SSL is required or you are using a non standard port:
    OK Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 IMAP4rev1 server version 6.5.7226.0 ( ready;
  4. If you require SSL, then the port is traditionally 993. When doing the telnet test two things may occur. Either the connection will succeed but then close immediately or it will seem like it is connected but just not display any text. If the IMAP service is unreachable, the connection will fail immediately;
  5. Try logging in using a mail client for the protocol being configured. For IMAP, use Thunderbird mail client (from Mozilla - the people who make the FireFox web browser) or Outlook Express.
For OWA:
  1. Ensure OWA service is configured and running (on by default);
  2. Open a web browser and open location to: http://<server_ip>:<port>/<relativeURL>/

    This should open a login box where you enter the username and password;

  3. If successful, you should be logged into the mail box. When entering the user name for the login in the browser, you may have to enter your login as DOMAIN\login. If SSL is required, then the URL has to start with https://. It is also possible that going to the non-secure page will just re-direct you to the secure site. If that is the case, then SSL is required. If you have forms based authentication enabled, then you will need to enable SSL in Impatica for BES.
  1. Use the Domino web access client. Do not use the Lotus Notes client as this requires the Notes User ID/Password as opposed to the Internet username/password that is required for DIIOP;
  2. Ensure that you have copied the NCSO.jar file to the C:\Program Files\ImpaticaForBES\lib\ext folder;
  3. Ensure the DIIOP task is running on the server;
  4. Ensure you are using the correct format of username according to Server Document security (Short names are not acceptable by default);
  5. If using SSL with a self-signed certificate ensure you have imported it into the keystore.

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