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KB-000161: How do I know what e-mail address the Impatica Presentation Viewer and Handler is configured to use for sending conversion requests?

To find the e-mail address:
  1. From the BlackBerry home screen, click the "Options" icon;
  2. Select "Applications";
  3. Scroll down to "Impatica Presentation Viewer" or "ImpHandler", depending on the mode of installation;
  4. Click the thumbwheel and select "Modules". You should see a list of files. Look for a file named "Imp4BESResource" or "ImpHandlerResource". The files are in alphabetical order, so if the file is not near the top of the list, there was a problem during installation and the resource file was not installed;
  5. If the file does appear, select it, click the thumbwheel, and select "View Properties";
  6. The second line in the "Description" field should be the address. Here’s how the entire file looks: Type: Library
If your file states the e-mail address as '' you do not have a properly configured Impatica Presentation Viewer and Handler installed. Ask your BES Administrator to provide you with a new one from the Impatica for BES installation directory.

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