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KB-000157: My conversion request e-mail arrives in my Impatica mail box on my Domino server but it is not picked up by the Impatica Conversion Manager. What could be the cause?

This issue may arise if the mail template for Domino 7 does not contain the "$MsgTrackFlags" flag. This flag is used by Impatica for BES to identify the e-mail containing the PowerPoint attachment to be processed. When a user:
a) receives an e-mail with a PowerPoint attachment on the BlackBerry,
b) opens that e-mail,
c) selects the View Attachment option from the menu and
d) then clicks the trackwheel,

an e-mail is sent to the configured Impatica for BES mail account. With this field missing, the conversion request e-mail will not be picked up by the Impatica Conversion Manager and will sit in the mailbox without being processed.

To enable this tracking from within Domino 7 please go to:

"Domino Administrator> Messaging> Messaging Settings> Basic Tab> Message Tracking"  This must be set to enabled. 

Alternatively, as displayed in the below screen capture, one can create a dummy agent manually using Domino Designer.  The agent "dummyNewMailAgent" must be set to run before new mail arrives.

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