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KB-000154: The Converters donít seem to start or appear on the Status tab. What could be the cause of this?

There could be two possible scenarios where this would occur:
  1. The Converters are not being called in your configuration. This can be determined by viewing the ImpaticaConversionManager.log in C:\Program Files\ImpaticaForBES\log. If the "converter pool=0", then there are no converters being associated;
  2. Check the "Service Registration Settings" on the Configuration Tab of the Impatica for BES Administration Utility. The setting should, in most cases, be set to "Use local converters only" and all 4 subsequent settings should appear blank and un-checked. If the converters are resident on the local machine, select "Use local converters only" and restart the Impatica for BES services.

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