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KB-000148: Has the process of incorporating my impaticized content into my SCORM compliant course changed?

Version 3 and 4 of Impatica for PowerPoint give you the ability to export your impaticized content directly into a SCORM conformant sharable content object. This package can be used within a SCORM conformant learning management system.

To create a SCORM package of your impaticized presentation:

1- Select the "Classic Impatica file format(.imp)" option button within the "Impatica File Format" frame on the "Slide Show" tab.

NOTE: When creating SCORM content with Impatica for PowerPoint, using the "New Impatica file format (-imp.jar)" setting is currently not supported.

2- Select the "SCORM package" checkbox on the "Output Files" tab of Impatica for PowerPoint before impaticizing your file.

The SCORM package will have the extension “-” and will be located in the same folder as the corresponding Impatica file. The package produced includes generic meta-data. To edit the meta-data, unzip the package using a tool such as WinZip, then open and edit the metadata.xml file using a text editor. Re-zip the package once the changes are complete.

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