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KB-000134: How do I change the size of my Impatica for PowerPoint presentation?

The size of the impaticized presentation is determined by the "Page Size" dimensions that you set for your source PowerPoint file. These settings are adjusted within PowerPoint by selecting "Page Setup" from the "File" menu. From this point you would adjust the Width and Height properties of your slides. Some suggested dimensions are:

1. To achieve full screen for 1024 x 768 resolution, select 10"W x 7.5"H; 25.4cm W x 19.0cm H.
2. To achieve full screen for 800 x 600 resolution, select 7.5"W x 5.6"H; 19.05 cm W x 14.3 cm H
3. For e-mail delivery select 7"W x 5.3"H; 17.8 cm W x 10.2cm H.
4. For use within a Learning Management System (LMS) environment, a favored slide dimension is:
6.0"W x 4.5"H; 15.24cm W x 11.4cm H.

To achieve other proportionate size adjustments, please refer to this chart (requires Adobe®Acrobat Reader®).

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