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KB-000126: Can I use my Impatica content with Blackboard? How do I upload it to my Blackboard site?

For more recent instructions on using BlackBoard since it was merged with WebCT, please also see this, more recent, article:

Yes, you can use your Impatica content within your Blackboard site.

When impaticizing your PowerPoint file, ensure that you select to generate a "Zip package" from the "Output Files" tab within Impatica for PowerPoint. To achieve this:

  1. Add a file to the "Source PowerPoint Files" list
  2. Select the "Output Files" tab.
  3. Within the "Generated Support Files" area, check the "Zip package" checkbox.
  4. Select the remaining translation settings that you require and click on the "Impaticize" button.

Once the conversion process is complete, the following files will be located in the chosen save location:

  1. filename-imp.html (this is the HTML file viewers will see, and is created by Impatica for PowerPoint to play the converted PowerPoint presentation)
  2. filename-imp.jar (this is the converted PowerPoint presentation)
  3. ImPlayer (version Number).jar or ImPlayerWithVideo (version Number).jar (these are the Impatica Players*).
  4. videofilename.imv (this is the converted video file contained in the presentation. There will be one .imv file for each video file contained in the presentation. Imv files will only be present if there were videos contained on the slides in the PowerPoint file).
  5. (this is the zip archive that contains all of the required files for playback of your impaticized presentation).

*Only one copy of each Impatica player is needed. This means that if you have multiple Impatica files in the same directory, you only need one copy of each ImPlayer (version Number).jar file in that directory.

  • Connect to your Blackboard course.
  • Create a new item in one of the primary content areas (Course Information, Course Documents, Assignments or Books).
  • Under the "Item Attachments" section, click on the "Browse" button and select the zip file that was created by Impatica for PowerPoint from your local computer.
  • For "Name of Link to File", enter the text your students will click on to launch the Web site.
  • For "Special Actions", select "Unpackage these files" from the drop-down menu. This instructs Blackboard to unpackage the archived file and properly arrange the Impatica files on the Blackboard server.
  • Set any other options you desire, and click the "Submit" button.
  • You will be prompted with a follow-up form to select the entry point. Select the *-imp.html file as the entry point for your package and click the "Submit" button.

Editing the Imported Presentation: Once you have imported the presentation into Blackboard you cannot edit it directly. If you need to make changes to that presentation, make the changes to the copy on your local computer. Repeat the process for upload as described in this tutorial.


See an impaticized tutorial on adding your Impatica content to Blackboard.

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