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Questions regarding Impatica for PowerPoint Version 4
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  1. questionKB-000056: When transferring an impaticized presentation to the BlackBerry using the Impatica Presentation Viewer I get the error "Your IT Policy restricts third party applications from accessing the serial port". Why is that happening?
    This error is likely the result of your BlackBerry Enterprise Server's IT Policy restrictions. The functionality incorporated into the BlackBerry Transfer tab of Impatica for PowerPoint is one of five methods available for transferring impaticized presentations to your BlackBerry. This option i ...
  2. questionKB-000139: When trying to install Impatica software on a Windows XP SP2 machine an error 6001 is encountered which prevents the software from being installed. What is causing this?
    This is due to an incompatible version of InstallShield that has been previously installed on your computer. To fix this conflict, first remove the C:\Program Files\Impatica for PowerPoint 4.x.x folder. Then, remove (move to a back-up location) all folders found in the C:\Program Files\CommonFil ...
  3. questionKB-000324: While creating a video only presentation from an existing PowerPoint file which I impaticized using Impatica for PowerPoint I encountered this error message: "Sound in video not PCM". What does this mean and how do I fix it?
    This error is produced when the codec used for the audio portion of your video is not supported.The recommended video format for both Impatica for PowerPoint and OnCue is an AVI with the following properties:Video Portion:12 frames per second (FPS)24-bit color depthUncompressed (no compression ...
  4. questionKB-000259: Why is my impaticized file larger than my original document?
    On average, the compression of a narrated PowerPoint presentation is 90% or more. Presentations that are not narrated but have many images and objects will experience less compression, generally in the 30%-70% range. If your document is extremely text heavy, it is likely that you will notice a ...
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