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Questions regarding the Windows Mobile Edition of the ShowMate and Impatica for PowerPoint
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  1. questionKB-000427: My JPEG image will not convert. How do I fix this?
    Impatica for PowerPoint only supports JPEG (JPG) image files that use RGB color and not CMYK color. If you are going to convert your PowerPoint file with Impatica for PowerPoint, you need to ensure that your JPEG images use RBG (the default color format for JPEG images) and not CMYK color. Thos ...
  2. questionKB-000294: The footer on my master slide is not appearing. Can you help me work around this issue?
    This can happen in rare instances. The footer text can be seen by selecting: View Menu -> Master -> Slide MasterView Menu -> Header and FooterEnsure that the footer checkbox is checked but the text field is empty, and click the Apply button. Save the file and convert again with Impatic ...
  3. questionKB-000111: What happens if I receive a phone call while projecting a presentation with my ShowMate?
    The phone call will come through but the presentation will not be affected. The Impatica Viewer application will be sent to the background. If you choose not to answer the call, you can continue to interact with the presentation. When a call comes in, you will be presented with the options to "A ...
  4. questionKB-000011: What is the licensing policy for Impatica software?
    Impatica for PowerPoint (BlackBerry Edition and Mobile Edition) comes as (or is sold as) a single user license. The Impatica Presentation Viewer can be installed on any number of handhelds. The Impatica ShowMate can be used by any number of users.
  5. questionKB-000063: What view should I use in Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition to convert presentations for Sony Ericsson?
    You should use the Mobile Edition view for Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile devices.
  6. questionKB-000219: When I convert my PowerPoint containing charts and tables some of the fonts have a purple shadow surrounding them. How do I stop this from occurring?
    When elements created using some PowerPoint add-ins, such as equation editors, are used and then impaticized with Impatica for PowerPoint, the words, equations and symbols may be presented with pink or purple coloring. This effect occurs when the Windows Display Property Effect "Smooth edges of ...
  7. questionKB-000152: When I preview my impaticized presentations from my local hard-drive, I get a warning message that requires me to allow the active content to play on my computer. Why is this happening and how do I stop it from occurring?
    If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows XP, with Service Pack 2 installed, then you may find that you are unable to view Impatica content that is saved to your hard drive or CD-ROM (i.e. when using the Preview mode in Impatica applications or double-clicking an Impatica generated HTML icon ...
  8. questionKB-000390: When I try to register my Impatica software I keep getting a message that my registration information is invalid. How do I fix this?
    When entering the registration information into any Impatica software, all three fields are equally important; name, organization and code (key). The software uses an algorithm that takes the name and organization entries to determine what the code should be. If any portion of that is changed t ...
  9. questionKB-000112: Where do I get your software for Windows Mobile devices?
    Our ShowMate web page has links to all relevant ShowMate downloads. You can install the Impatica for PowerPoint Windows Mobile Edition software from the Downloads link on the Welcome page. You can also launch the CD you received with your ShowMate and navigate to the Impatica for PowerPoint 3.6. ...
  10. questionKB-000085: Where do I go to register my ShowMate in order to receive my registration information for Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition?
    Go to:
  11. questionKB-000250: Which graphic formats should I use?
    When creating graphics for PowerPoint presentations, there are several formats that you can choose for saving your images. The most common formats are BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG. Each of the formats is described below; how they are used and which format is best for which purpose. BMP (Microsoft Windo ...
  12. questionKB-000259: Why is my impaticized file larger than my original document?
    On average, the compression of a narrated PowerPoint presentation is 90% or more. Presentations that are not narrated but have many images and objects will experience less compression, generally in the 30%-70% range. If your document is extremely text heavy, it is likely that you will notice a ...
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