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Questions regarding the Windows Mobile Edition of the ShowMate and Impatica for PowerPoint
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  1. questionKB-000012: Are you planning to support other applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF?
    At this time, we are offering solutions strictly supporting PowerPoint since this is the area of core technical competence for the company.
  2. questionKB-000445: Can I use named anchors "#" (also called bookmarks), in my hyperlinks with Impatica for PowerPoint?
    The use of named anchor (also referred to as bookmarks) hyperlinks is currently not working in Impatica for PowerPoint. An example of this would be to hyperlink to a specific part of a web page that has previously had a named anchor established. A sample hyperlink is: ...
  3. questionKB-000074: Can the Impatica Presentation Viewer access presentations copied to a memory stick?
    The answer is dependent on the type of device you are using. If you are using a Palm, Sony Ericsson or Windows Mobile device then the answer is yes. The application will search the entire phone memory and memory sticks for converted presentations.If you are using a BlackBerry the answer is no. Y ...
  4. questionKB-000430: Does Impatica for PowerPoint support PowerPoint 2008?
    Impatica for PowerPoint was released on October 23, 2007. PowerPoint 2008 was released in January of 2008. Given these release dates, and the fact that a public beta release was not offered by Microsoft+, support for new features introduced in PowerPoint 2008 is not possible. Our intent is t ...
  5. questionKB-000434: Does the Impatica software run on 64-bit versions of Windows?
    The following Impatica products work on 64-bit, Windows operating systems:Impatica for PowerPoint v4.0.2Impatica for PowerPoint v3.3.3Impatica OnCue v3.3.3Impatica viaDock v1.0.2The only element to keep in mind is that the software will not take advantage of the 64-bit system capabilities; it wi ...
  6. questionKB-000255: Get Maximum Impact From Your Screen Captures
    Using screen captures within the slide area of OnCue presentations is often a great way to clarify a point of discussion. Depending on the slide size allotted in your OnCue template, the area available for screen captures may be limited. To maximize the detail and impact of your screen captures ...
  7. questionKB-000118: How do I copy impaticized presentations to my Windows Mobile handheld?
    ActiveSync does not support file synchronization with Smartphones. You must manually copy presentations to your Smartphone using the ActiveSync Explore functionality.If you are using a PocketPC device, you may use the file synchronization feature of ActiveSync. When you impaticize your presentat ...
  8. questionKB-000243: I cannot install Impatica for PowerPoint on my Windows Vista computer. Is there a way around this?
    1- Impatica for PowerPoint v.4.0+ supports Windows Vista. Please install our current release from here: 2- With some of the early editions of Vista there were issues reported with installing Impatica for PowerPoint. To address this, we created the fo ...
  9. questionKB-000108: I have an Impatica ShowMate BlackBerry Edition. Will it work with my Windows Mobile handheld or do I have to purchase a ShowMate Windows Mobile Edition?
    Any ShowMate device with firmware version 2.1.0 or later supports Windows Mobile devices. Firmware v2.0.3 also works fine with the external Bluetooth version of the ShowMate.
  10. questionKB-000428: I have uninstalled an older version (prior to version 4) of Impatica for PowerPoint but it appears that it did not uninstall completely. When I try to install the latest version I get an error saying that I have to uninstall the previous version before installing the new version. How do I get around this issue?
    This article only applies to versions of Impatica for PowerPoint prior to version 4. With version 4 we switched from an InstallShield to a NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) installer.What is probably happening is that the InstallShield uninstaller package (was used in version 3 and earl ...
  11. questionKB-000064: I impaticized a presentation and want to upload it to a web server, but the buttons on the File Upload tab are greyed out. Why canít I upload to a web server?
    Our Mobile Edition currently does not support upload of impaticized presentations to a web server.
  12. questionKB-000080: I keep getting the "No ShowMate found" dialog box. How can I get this to work?
    Ensure that the ShowMate is powered using the power adapter provided and ready for projecting. If powered correctly, you should see the LED in the ‘I’ of Impatica lit up. The ShowMate is ready when the splash screen is displayed.
  13. questionKB-000109: I paired the ShowMate with my Windows Mobile handheld but I donít see it in the list of "Project to" devices. What am I doing wrong?
    The Impatica Viewer does not use the list of devices paired using the handheld’s "Bluetooth" option. You must use the "New ShowMate" option on the "Project to" screen to pair with the ShowMate.
  14. questionKB-000105: I purchased a ShowMate for Windows Mobile but when I launch Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition I see Impatica for PowerPoint BlackBerry Edition. Does this work with my Windows Mobile handheld?
    No, you must use the Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition to convert presentations for Windows Mobile handhelds. Under the "File" menu in Impatica for PowerPoint you can "Switch Views" to the Mobile Edition view.
  15. questionKB-000254: I want to use an unsupported object in my presentation. What are my options?
    The current release of Impatica for PowerPoint supports most of the features that are supported by PowerPoint. There are, however, a few formats and features that are not currently supported such as 3D effects. In most cases, these unsupported features can still be used within your impaticized p ...
  16. questionKB-000106: If I impaticized a presentation using the "Classic .imp" format in Impatica for PowerPoint Full Edition, will this work on my Windows Mobile handheld?
    Ideally you should use the Mobile Edition to impaticize presentations for mobile devices other than BlackBerry, as the output is optimized for mobile devices.
  17. questionKB-000107: Is the output from the Mobile Edition compatible with BlackBerry handhelds and vice versa?
    No, you must use the BlackBerry Edition version of Impatica for PowerPoint to impaticize presentations for BlackBerry handhelds and Mobile Edition for Windows Mobile handhelds.
  18. questionKB-000286: Is there a way that I can install Impatica for PowerPoint on a computer used by multiple users?
    Impatica for PowerPoint does not currently have a method that would allow for installation on one or many computers for multiple users. We have developed a workaround that would allow multiple users of the same computer to use one installed version of Impatica for PowerPoint. This is particular ...
  19. questionKB-000249: My fonts or bullets are not the same after conversion with Impatica for PowerPoint. How can I fix this?
    During the conversion process, Impatica for PowerPoint uses the font groups that are installed on the converting computer to complete the process. If you notice that your fonts or bullets are not appearing as you thought they would then this may be because that specific font is not installed on ...
  20. questionKB-000449: My Impatica registration information does not work. How can I get this to work?
    When entering the registration information into any Impatica software, all three fields are equally important; name, organization and code (key). The software uses an algorithm that takes the name and organization entries to determine what the code should be. If any portion of that is changed t ...
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