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Questions regarding the Impatica Connector application for Windows Mobile screen projection through a ShowMate

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Questions regarding the Windows Mobile Edition of the ShowMate and Impatica for PowerPoint
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  1. questionKB-000015: Is the ShowMate certified with the Bluetooth SIG?
    We have registered as members of the Bluetooth SIG and are pursuing certification as per their requirements.
  2. questionKB-000454: We are having problems translating PowerPoint 2007 (2008, 2010) PPTX content. Is Impatica working on increasing the amount of new Microsoft PowerPoint features you support?
    We are currently working on supporting more PowerPoint 2007 (and 2008, 2010) features.In the meantime there are a number of workarounds that can be done to make new format PowerPoint (.pptx) files convert faithfully.Some knowledgebase articles that outline these solutions are listed below. By ma ...
  3. questionKB-000370: Are there any known limitations for the Impatica Connector and viaDock applications?
    The multimedia area (camera, video) of devices cannot be captured, but paused video and photo preview are supported.If content protection is enabled, protected screens will not be supported. Some GUI elements don't get captured e.g.:mouse pointer, ALT/CAP lock indicator. Our inability to proje ...
  4. questionKB-000012: Are you planning to support other applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF?
    At this time, we are offering solutions strictly supporting PowerPoint since this is the area of core technical competence for the company.
  5. questionKB-000094: Can I change the passkey for my ShowMate?
    No, you cannot change the passkey.
  6. questionKB-000120: Can I project from my Windows Mobile device using the USB cable?
    No, you can only project from Windows Mobile handhelds using Bluetooth.
  7. questionKB-000445: Can I use named anchors "#" (also called bookmarks), in my hyperlinks with Impatica for PowerPoint?
    The use of named anchor (also referred to as bookmarks) hyperlinks is currently not working in Impatica for PowerPoint. An example of this would be to hyperlink to a specific part of a web page that has previously had a named anchor established. A sample hyperlink is: ...
  8. questionKB-000110: Can I use the ShowMate to project other Windows Mobile applications?
    No, you currently cannot project your handheld's screen or other applications onto a projector via the ShowMate.
  9. questionKB-000052: Can presentations be retrieved from the ShowMate?
    No, there is currently no way to extract presentations from the ShowMate.
  10. questionKB-000006: Can presentations be saved on the ShowMate so that they are ready to project when I power it up?
    No, the ShowMate has a read-only file system so every time you power off the ShowMate the presentations are lost.
  11. questionKB-000074: Can the Impatica Presentation Viewer access presentations copied to a memory stick?
    The answer is dependent on the type of device you are using. If you are using a Palm, Sony Ericsson or Windows Mobile device then the answer is yes. The application will search the entire phone memory and memory sticks for converted presentations.If you are using a BlackBerry the answer is no. Y ...
  12. questionKB-000025: Can the ShowMate support audio or video?
    Currently the ShowMate cannot support audio or video in presentations.
  13. questionKB-000119: Do impaticized presentations have to be copied to a specific location on my Windows Mobile handheld flash memory?
    Impaticized presentations must be copied to the "My Documents" folder or sub-folder to be accessible by the Impatica Viewer.Presentations are also accessible if they are on a removable memory stick.
  14. questionKB-000010: Does the ShowMate support USB flash drives (i.e., can it read presentations from a USB drive inserted in the USB port)?
    No, the ShowMate does not currently support flash drives.
  15. questionKB-000091: How do I assemble the power adapter that was included with my ShowMate?
    The power adapter is assembled by snapping the removable prong modules into the power adapter. See the illustration below for more details.
  16. questionKB-000009: How do I clear the cache on the ShowMate?
    To clear the cache on the ShowMate simply disconnect the power supply.
  17. questionKB-000118: How do I copy impaticized presentations to my Windows Mobile handheld?
    ActiveSync does not support file synchronization with Smartphones. You must manually copy presentations to your Smartphone using the ActiveSync Explore functionality.If you are using a PocketPC device, you may use the file synchronization feature of ActiveSync. When you impaticize your presentat ...
  18. questionKB-000328: How do I install a prc file to my Palm Treo 700w/wx device?
    The Palm Treo 700w/wx devices are Windows Mobile based devices so you must install the Windows Mobile version not the Palm version for these devices.
  19. questionKB-000113: How do I install the Impatica Viewer on Windows Vista?
    Before installing the Impatica Viewer from Windows Vista systems please ensure that you have the Windows Mobile Device Center software (replacement for ActiveSync) installed and running. This software is required to interact with mobile devices from computers running Windows Vista. It can be dow ...
  20. questionKB-000035: How do I load the driver for the ShowMate?
    Get to the driver wizard by one of the following two methods: The first time you plug the ShowMate into a computer using a standard USB port, Windows should report that it has found new hardware and will launch the hardware wizard. If Windows did not detect the new hardware, then right-click "M ...
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