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  1. questionKB-000454: We are having problems translating PowerPoint 2007 (2008, 2010) PPTX content. Is Impatica working on increasing the amount of new Microsoft PowerPoint features you support?
    We are currently working on supporting more PowerPoint 2007 (and 2008, 2010) features.In the meantime there are a number of workarounds that can be done to make new format PowerPoint (.pptx) files convert faithfully.Some knowledgebase articles that outline these solutions are listed below. By ma ...
  2. questionKB-000325: Can I install impaticized presentations to my device Over the Air?
    Yes, you can post the .pdb file on a web server and use the Palm Blazer web browser on your Palm OS device to navigate to the location on the web server to download and install the presentation.
  3. questionKB-000323: Can I install the Impatica Viewer to my Palm OS device Over the Air?
    Yes, you can post the .prc file on a web server and use the Palm Blazer web browser on your Palm OS device to navigate on the file on the web server to download and install the Impatica Viewer.
  4. questionKB-000313: Can I project from my Palm device using the USB cable?
    No, you can only project from Palm devices using Bluetooth.
  5. questionKB-000445: Can I use named anchors "#" (also called bookmarks), in my hyperlinks with Impatica for PowerPoint?
    The use of named anchor (also referred to as bookmarks) hyperlinks is currently not working in Impatica for PowerPoint. An example of this would be to hyperlink to a specific part of a web page that has previously had a named anchor established. A sample hyperlink is: ...
  6. questionKB-000308: Do you have a version of the ShowMate for the Palm OS?
    A version of Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition will be released in October 2007 that produces Palm compatible impaticized PowerPoint files. A Palm OS compatible version of the Impatica Presentation Viewer (allows for viewing and projecting of impaticized PowerPoint files on the Palm OS sm ...
  7. questionKB-000316: Does the Impatica Viewer for Palm OS have "Designed for Palm" certification?
    No, the Impatica Viewer has not undergone "Designed for Palm" certification.
  8. questionKB-000091: How do I assemble the power adapter that was included with my ShowMate?
    The power adapter is assembled by snapping the removable prong modules into the power adapter. See the illustration below for more details.
  9. questionKB-000314: How do I check the Palm OS version of my Palm device?
    Follow these steps:1. Go to the home screen by clicking the Home button. 2. Click on the time tab at the top left corner. 3. Select App … Info. 4. Click the Version tab at the bottom.5. You should see something like Palm OS Garnet v.5.4.9 at the top.For additional information and more de ...
  10. questionKB-000387: How do I find the version of Palm OS that my Palm device is using?
    To determine the version of Palm OS that your device is running, follow these instructions from the Palm Website:Link to article Article ID: 2893 Determining what Palm OS version is on a device You can find out what version number of the Palm OS is installed on your device (as well as ...
  11. questionKB-000328: How do I install a prc file to my Palm Treo 700w/wx device?
    The Palm Treo 700w/wx devices are Windows Mobile based devices so you must install the Windows Mobile version not the Palm version for these devices.
  12. questionKB-000318: How do I install the Impatica Viewer on my Palm OS device?
    You can install the Impatica Viewer to your Palm OS using Palm Desktop Quick Install or over the air using the Palm Blazer web browser. Detailed instructions below: Impatica Viewer:The Impatica Viewer for Palm OS must be installed on your Palm smartphone before you can load and project presenta ...
  13. questionKB-000332: How do I project via Bluetooth with my Palm OS Smartphone?
    To start projecting your presentation, first connect your ShowMate to the projector or display and to a power supply: Use a VGA cable to connect your ShowMate to your projector or display; Use the supplied power charger and USB cable to plug your ShowMate into a power outlet. Then, on the Pa ...
  14. questionKB-000319: How do I uninstall the Impatica Viewer from my Palm OS device?
    On the home screen, press the Menu button. Select the Delete... option from within the App menu. In the list of applications that is presented, select Impatica Viewer from the list and click the Delete... button. Confirm the action.
  15. questionKB-000423: How do I upgrade my ShowMate firmware?
    The ShowMate firmware (the term for software installed on hardware) is updated using the ShowMate updater software. The ShowMate updater software runs on your Windows PC and updates your ShowMate via USB. The following describes how to install and use the ShowMate updater software:Installation ...
  16. questionKB-000326: How to reset a Palm OS device to factory defaults
    See this link:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(887)
  17. questionKB-000320: I am trying to copy an .imp file to my Palm device using the Palm Quick Install utility but it won’t let me?
    The Palm device supports the .pdb format for data files and .prc format for applications. Please verify that you checked the Palm file format (.pdb) during conversion to output the required format for the device. You must copy the .pdb files to your smartphone and not the .imp.
  18. questionKB-000321: I am trying to copy the pdb file to my device using the Palm Quick Install utility but the HotSync does not start.
    Check the following:1. Ensure that the Palm Desktop application is running along with the Palm Quick Install utility.2. Ensure that you are using the Palm Desktop profile that corresponds to the device that is connected to your computer. This is selected via the drop-down box in the upper right ...
  19. questionKB-000317: I impaticized a presentation successfully with the Palm output option, what is the next step?
    After a successful conversion, a .pdb file will be created. This file must be copied to your handheld using the Palm Desktop Quick Install and HotSync.In addition, ensure that you have installed the Impatica Viewer for Palm OS. This can be found at For detailed steps to get y ...
  20. questionKB-000083: I need to power my ShowMate outside of North America, but it seems the power adapter you provide is for North America only. Do you have an international adapter?
    The power adapter that was shipped with your ShowMate is compatible with several electric outlet formats. The image below illustrates how you would configure your power adapter for different power sources.
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