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Questions regarding the Impatica Connector application when used on the BlackBerry with a ShowMate

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Questions relating to the BlackBerry Edition of ShowMate and Impatica for PowerPoint
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  1. questionKB-000015: Is the ShowMate certified with the Bluetooth SIG?
    We have registered as members of the Bluetooth SIG and are pursuing certification as per their requirements.
  2. questionKB-000454: We are having problems translating PowerPoint 2007 (2008, 2010) PPTX content. Is Impatica working on increasing the amount of new Microsoft PowerPoint features you support?
    We are currently working on supporting more PowerPoint 2007 (and 2008, 2010) features.In the meantime there are a number of workarounds that can be done to make new format PowerPoint (.pptx) files convert faithfully.Some knowledgebase articles that outline these solutions are listed below. By ma ...
  3. questionKB-000370: Are there any known limitations for the Impatica Connector and viaDock applications?
    The multimedia area (camera, video) of devices cannot be captured, but paused video and photo preview are supported.If content protection is enabled, protected screens will not be supported. Some GUI elements don't get captured e.g.:mouse pointer, ALT/CAP lock indicator. Our inability to proje ...
  4. questionKB-000012: Are you planning to support other applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF?
    At this time, we are offering solutions strictly supporting PowerPoint since this is the area of core technical competence for the company.
  5. questionKB-000041: Can I change the name of my ShowMate?
    No, you cannot. Some BlackBerry devices will cache the Bluetooth name even after you change it which can lead to confusion.
  6. questionKB-000043: Can I change the passkey for my ShowMate?
    Yes, you can change the passkey, but we encourage people not to do so. If you happen to forget or lose your new passkey, there is currently no way to retrieve or reset it. The default passkey can be changed from the BlackBerry. On the BlackBerry, launch the Impatica Presentation Viewer and selec ...
  7. questionKB-000293: Can I store and have Showmate recognize presentations on the MiniSD disk in my BlackBerry?
    No, at this time you cannot view or project a presentation on your BlackBerry that is stored on an SD card. The various versions of the BlackBerry device software e.g.: 5.0.X, 4.7.X, 4.6.X, 4.5.X, 4.3.X, 4.2.X and older (which at the time of writing this article covers all of the BlackBerry devi ...
  8. questionKB-000445: Can I use named anchors "#" (also called bookmarks), in my hyperlinks with Impatica for PowerPoint?
    The use of named anchor (also referred to as bookmarks) hyperlinks is currently not working in Impatica for PowerPoint. An example of this would be to hyperlink to a specific part of a web page that has previously had a named anchor established. A sample hyperlink is: ...
  9. questionKB-000001: Can I use the ShowMate to project my BlackBerry home screen or other BlackBerry applications?
    Yes, provided you have BlackBerry device software version 4.2.2 or greater. You would need to install the Impatica Screen Projector (Impatica Connector on 4.3+ devices) application and also to upgrade your ShowMate firmware but this functionality is now available.Please see this Getting Started ...
  10. questionKB-000052: Can presentations be retrieved from the ShowMate?
    No, there is currently no way to extract presentations from the ShowMate.
  11. questionKB-000006: Can presentations be saved on the ShowMate so that they are ready to project when I power it up?
    No, the ShowMate has a read-only file system so every time you power off the ShowMate the presentations are lost.
  12. questionKB-000025: Can the ShowMate support audio or video?
    Currently the ShowMate cannot support audio or video in presentations.
  13. questionKB-000365: Do I still need the Impatica Presentation Viewer to project PowerPoint now that projecting the BlackBerry screen is possible?
    Yes. The Impatica Screen Projector application is meant for demonstrating BlackBerry applications for sales presentations, training and demo purposes. The Impatica Presentation Viewer is designed for projecting high-quality dynamic PowerPoint presentations from the handheld. Using the Impatica ...
  14. questionKB-000466: Do the Impatica products work with BlackBerry device software 6 and the Torch 9800 device?
    Yes, most of the current Impatica software works with the BlackBerry Torch 9800 running device software 6. Here are the details and known issues by product: 1. Impatica viaDock – v1.1.5: This software runs on your PC and allows you to use and control your BlackBerry from your PC. a. Know ...
  15. questionKB-000026: Do you support the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 and 8800?
    In order to use BlackBerry devices with 4.2.0+ operating systems, please ensure you have the latest versions of the Impatica software and firmware. Please download and install the new releases of the following software: Impatica for PowerPoint BlackBerry Edition (v4.0.2) - Download NowInstructi ...
  16. questionKB-000414: Does the ShowMate support the BlackBerry Bold?
    The Impatica ShowMate does support the BlackBerry Bold.You need to upgrade: 1- The handheld software: The ShowMate firmware: you have additional questions write to
  17. questionKB-000010: Does the ShowMate support USB flash drives (i.e., can it read presentations from a USB drive inserted in the USB port)?
    No, the ShowMate does not currently support flash drives.
  18. questionKB-000364: For the screen projection to work, does the user need to install both the Impatica Presentation Viewer and the Impatica Screen Projector applications on their BlackBerry handheld?
    No. The Impatica Screen Projector application and the Impatica Presentation Viewer are completely independent applications with very different purposes: · Impatica Screen Projector is for demonstrating BlackBerry applications via ShowMate; · Impatica Presentation Viewer is for pro ...
  19. questionKB-000023: How can I view notes for a previous or future slide while keeping the current slide projected?
    This is occurring because you are operating the Impatica Presentation Viewer in "Linked" mode. This mode causes all navigation actions taken in the Impatica Presentation Viewer to be reflected in the projected presentation. In order to view notes for a slide other than the one which is being pro ...
  20. questionKB-000435: How do I check my IT Policy name on my BlackBerry device?
    You can check the name of your BlackBerry IT Policy by:1- Click the Options icon on your BlackBerry home screen2- Select Security Options3- Select General Settings4- Scroll to down the page until you see the IT Policy Name setting5- Note the nameIf the name is other than Default then the default ...
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