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Questions regarding Impatica ShowMate
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  1. questionKB-000024: What is the maximum resolution of images projected via the ShowMate?
    The ShowMate can project a maximum resolution of SVGA (800600).
  2. questionKB-000022: What is the maximum size of a presentation that we can project on the ShowMate?
    The ShowMate has 32 MB of RAM. The impaticized presentation size should be well below this limit as RAM is required to playback the presentation.
  3. questionKB-000005: What is the minimum device spec that will work with the ShowMate? Do I have to have a newer model BlackBerry to use the ShowMate?
    You do not need a higher performance device (8700/8100/9000/9500) to project via a ShowMate. The only impact of using the slower devices is that the transfer rate (USB or Bluetooth) is slower when transferring to the ShowMate. Once the presentation is transferred, there is no noticeable differen ...
  4. questionKB-000021: What prevents multiple people from projecting on the same ShowMate via Bluetooth simultaneously?
    When the ShowMate is projecting via Bluetooth, another person cannot project a presentation on the same ShowMate via Bluetooth. They will receive a "ShowMate is busy" message.
  5. questionKB-000238: What Windows Mobile platforms are supported with the ShowMate?
    For PowerPoint Projection (Impatica Presentation Viewer application), Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 or later and Windows or Broadcom/Widcomm Bluetooth stack Note: Devices running Windows Mobile 2003 second edition Version 4.21.1088 and the Broadcom Bluetoot ...
  6. questionKB-000440: When a ShowMate is used does it need to be registered?
    You only need to register the ShowMate if you plan on projecting PowerPoint presentations. Screen projection does not require registration of the device. You can register your ShowMate here:
  7. questionKB-000302: When I attempt to use the Put File button on the BlackBerry Transfer tab in Impatica for PowerPoint BlackBerry Edition, the software just shuts down. There are no errors or messages. How do I resolve this?
    This can be caused by two situations:1- You do not have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed on your PC. Go to: and select to download, at a minimum, BlackBerry Desktop Software v4.2 Service Pack 2.Install th ...
  8. questionKB-000415: When I look up data for the SMBB-100 ShowMate why does it say for Blackberry devices?
    The model number SMBB-100 is for the ShowMate device. There is only one model of ShowMate. When the ShowMate was first released, it only supported BlackBerry devices. Over time, the ShowMate device included support for other smartphones as follows:For PowerPoint Projection:BlackBerry, Palm OS, ...
  9. questionKB-000020: When I project on the ShowMate, nothing is projected on the screen but my Impatica Presentation Viewer indicates that it is connected. What am I doing wrong?
    Check the serial number on the back of your ShowMate. If the serial number begins with "01-IM" your ShowMate may not have the hardware modification that fixes a particular compatibility problem with some new digital projectors. If this scenario applies to you, you would qualify for a free ShowMa ...
  10. questionKB-000019: When I project on the ShowMate, the image is unusually bright and the colors are off. What's going on?
    Ensure that you are powering the ShowMate from the BlackBerry adapter or the power adapter that was shipped with the ShowMate (Mobile Edition only) and NOT from a computer. Also verify that the VGA connection from the ShowMate to the projector is tightly secured.
  11. questionKB-000307: When I project using the ShowMate some of the slide is cut off. How can I make it show the entire slide?
    The ShowMate produces an SVGA output (800x600). In almost all cases the slide will properly display in the space provided.If this is not happening to you there are a few things you can try:1- If your handheld is a BlackBerry, ensure you have the latest Impatica Presentation Viewer installed and ...
  12. questionKB-000417: When I try to install the Impatica Screen Projector (Impatica Connector) application OTA using the BlackBerry Browser, it does not work. What could be the cause?
    A possible cause of problems installing Impatica applications OTA (over-the-air) is that the browser’s “Emulation Mode” setting is set to a value other than “BlackBerry”. This setting allows the browser to be seen by websites as something other than a BlackBerry. I ...
  13. questionKB-000380: When transferring a file to the ShowMate I get the error UncaughtException: setFocus and then the BlackBerry screen goes white. How do I fix this?
    The UncaughtException: setFocus error happens during Bluetooth transfer of files to the ShowMate. This is generally an indication of a faulty Bluetooth dongle. Please contact Impatica Customer Support to further troubleshoot this x:238613-736-9982 x:238
  14. questionKB-000056: When transferring an impaticized presentation to the BlackBerry using the Impatica Presentation Viewer I get the error "Your IT Policy restricts third party applications from accessing the serial port". Why is that happening?
    This error is likely the result of your BlackBerry Enterprise Server's IT Policy restrictions. The functionality incorporated into the BlackBerry Transfer tab of Impatica for PowerPoint is one of five methods available for transferring impaticized presentations to your BlackBerry. This option i ...
  15. questionKB-000013: Which IT policies should be set on my BlackBerry Enterprise Server to ensure full communication with my BlackBerry and with my ShowMate and/or Impatica viaDock?
    The following IT policies must be set as outlined below in order to achieve full USB and Bluetooth communication between the ShowMate, Impatica Presentation Viewer, Impatica Connector (Impatica Screen Projector (BB OS v4.2.2+)), Impatica for PowerPoint BlackBerry Edition and Impatica viaDock:Fo ...
  16. questionKB-000002: Your documentation does not show any power source. Is it battery powered?
    No, the ShowMate is not battery powered. The ShowMate must be powered by either a BlackBerry charger, the supplied power charger (Mobile Edition) or a USB connection to a computer.A USB connection can cause brightness issues. Please see
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