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  1. questionKB-000258: I get an HTTP Error 406 when attempting to install the Impatica Presentation Viewer over the air. How can I resolve this?
    When attempting to install the Impatica Presentation Viewer over-the-air from the following error is produced:HTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable The page you are trying to load is not supported by the browser. Please try loading a different page.The error can be due to a “g ...
  2. questionKB-000388: I have lost (or broken) the Bluetooth dongle that came with my ShowMate. Can you tell me how to get a new one?
    Impatica Sales does sell Bluetooth dongles for $20 plus tax and shipping costs. Please contact should you wish to purchase one from here.Should you wish to purchase one from a vendor in your area then it would need to be a USB Bluetooth dongle that works with the CSR chipset ...
  3. questionKB-000004: I have paired the ShowMate with my BlackBerry. Why do I need to re-enter the passkey every time I power up the ShowMate?
    The ShowMate has a read only file system so passkeys cannot be saved. When you power off the ShowMate any passkeys are lost.
  4. questionKB-000349: I just bought a ShowMate and I am installing the desktop software. Where do I get the registration information for use with the desktop software?
    In order to obtain registration information for the desktop software, Impatica for PowerPoint, you need to register your ShowMate unit online. Go to might also find the Getting Started Guide useful: ...
  5. questionKB-000008: I just projected a presentation on the ShowMate but when I tried to project it again it comes up instantly on the ShowMate without having to transfer it. Is it stored somewhere on the ShowMate?
    The ShowMate will cache the last presentation projected.
  6. questionKB-000017: I keep getting the "No ShowMate found" dialog box. How can I get this to work?
    This message can be displayed for several reasons. Please check the following: Ensure that the ShowMate is powered using the BlackBerry charger and ready for projecting. If powered correctly, you should see the LED in the ‘i’ of Impatica lit up. The ShowMate is ready when the splas ...
  7. questionKB-000027: I plug my ShowMate into my computer for the first time and the Found New Hardware wizard is launched. Where do I get the driver for the ShowMate?
    The driver is included in the ShowMate updater application in the Driver folder. The ShowMate updater application and driver can be downloaded from: The driver is also included on the CD-ROM that was shipped with the ShowMate device.
  8. questionKB-000361: Is my PIN and Password securely stored in the ShowMate?
    The ShowMate stores the handheld PIN and Password information in a secure format. Impatica is using a SHA-1 function to compute a 160bit message digest that is stored on the ShowMate. This encryption was designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) making it virtually impossible to extract the ...
  9. questionKB-000239: Is the Impatica Viewer supported on the Motorola Q and the HP iPAQ?
    Yes, version 1.0.1d and later of the Impatica Presentation Viewer for Windows Mobile supports all devices running Windows Mobile 2003 or later provided they are Bluetooth enabled.
  10. questionKB-000237: Is the Impatica Viewer Windows Mobile certified?
    Yes, the Impatica Viewer is certified for Smartphone (NS0591) and PocketPC (NS0601).
  11. questionKB-000291: Possible causes for the "Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.system.Controlled Access Exception" error.
    Error: "Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.system.Controlled Access Exception" Solutions:1- You can resolve the problem by navigating on your BlackBerry to Options > Advanced Options > Applications > Impatica Presentation Viewer > Edit Permissions. If "Connections" is set to "Den ...
  12. questionKB-000018: The documentation indicates that the ShowMate LED should flash 3 times after powering it on but my ShowMate doesn’t flash. What am I missing?
    The 3 flashes indicate that the ShowMate is ready to be updated. The ShowMate must be connected to a computer via the USB cable in order for it to be updated and for the LED to flash.
  13. questionKB-000309: What are the polarity requirements/specifications and Vertical and Horizontal signal strengths for the ShowMate when connected to a display?
    The signal from the ShowMate is a VGA (or SVGA at maximum) analog signal with a vertical frequency, or screen refresh rate, of 60 Hz and horizontal frequency of 37.9 kHz.In addition, the ShowMate has both Horizontal Sync (H. Sync) and Vertical Sync (V.Sync) as negative by default.The BlackBerry ...
  14. questionKB-000274: What Bluetooth protocols are used by the ShowMate?
    For transportation layer, we are using the standard Bluetooth 1.2 protocol.For the application layer (there is no dependance on the Bluetooth).Transfer via USB cable is the same (there is no dependance on the Bluetooth).We are using our own Impatica protocol to handle the logic.
  15. questionKB-000016: What certification does the ShowMate have?
    FCC (US), C tick (Australia), CSA (Canada), CE (Europe)
  16. questionKB-000398: What devices are the ShowMate compatible with?
    This page outlines the devices the ShowMate is compatible with. It also outlines required security settings etc.:
  17. questionKB-000014: What happens if I receive a phone call while projecting a presentation with my ShowMate?
    The phone call will come through but the presentation will not be affected. The Impatica Presentation Viewer application will be sent to the background. If you choose not to answer the call, you can continue to interact with the presentation. When a call comes in, you will be presented with the ...
  18. questionKB-000003: What is the difference between transferring content to the ShowMate via Bluetooth and USB?
    ShowMate Connection Method Range Transfer Rate USB Cable limited (10 ft) ~40 KB/s Bluetooth 10 m (30 ft) ~14 KB/s
  19. questionKB-000455: What is the frame rate of the ShowMate?
    PowerPoint Projection:There is no programmed limitation to the number of frames that the ShowMate can produce per second. On average, the Impatica ShowMate projects an impaticized PowerPoint at 15 fps. The Impatica for PowerPoint software (which converts the PowerPoint to a format that the ShowM ...
  20. questionKB-000011: What is the licensing policy for Impatica software?
    Impatica for PowerPoint (BlackBerry Edition and Mobile Edition) comes as (or is sold as) a single user license. The Impatica Presentation Viewer can be installed on any number of handhelds. The Impatica ShowMate can be used by any number of users.
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