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The Assistive Technology Blog Reviews Impatica ShowMate

Impatica ShowMate has been reviewed by Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D in the Assistive Technology Blog.

Impatica ShowMate

Impatica ShowMate

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Impatica ShowMate is a small, lightweight hardware accessory to project:


  • PowerPoint presentations from BlackBerry, Palm, Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile smartphones;
  • Screen contents from BlackBerry smartphones with BlackBerry OS 4.2.2 or later and from Windows Mobile devices.


Simply attach the ShowMate to the VGA port of any projector or monitor and your handheld delivers your PowerPoint presentation wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. You can now roam the stage and interact with the audience to deliver a more engaging presentation, without being tethered to a laptop. In fact, you can now travel laptop free!

Impatica viaDock is Reviewed by Another BlackBerry Blog

BlackBerry Software Blog Image

The blog “Blackberry [sic] Software Just another WordPress weblog” has mentioned Impatica viaDock. Interest in this software is growing thanks to the terrific dissemination of information across the user community. Thanks to the owner of the BlackBerry Software blog for further spreading the earlier write-up from Via Ronen Halevy from Once again, we appreciate the support.

Another Blog Post on Impatica viaDock!

Blackberry Blog (Yet Another!)

The BlackBerry blogging community seems to have discovered Impatica viaDock. As a service to the subscribers of their blog, the blogger for Blackberry [sic] Blog (Yet Another!) has outlined the benefits and uses for Impatica viaDock in their article. We appreciate this continued support from the BlackBerry community.

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BlackBerry Cool Mobile: Impatica viaDock: BlackBerry Control from Mac or PC Reviews Impatica viaDock

BerryReviewLogo, an online magazine created to explore new features and innovations for the BlackBerry, recently reviewed Impatica viaDock. Their mission is to “to squeeze the ultimate potential and enjoyment from our favorite device” and Impatica viaDock does just that. Use the comforts of your monitor and keyboard to operate your BlackBerry with Impatica viaDock!

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BlackBerry Alliance Partner E-Newsletter Mentions Impatica viaDock

viadocklogo-lowresImpatica viaDock has been featured in the Summer 2009 edition of the BlackBerry Alliance Partner E-Newsletter. Many thanks to Research in Motion for their continued support of our smartphone screen projection and enhanced usability solution! 

Impatica viaDock can be operated in either normal view or mini view. The normal view displays the handheld screen, supports input from your PC keyboard and mouse and offers a variety of time-saving tools for operating your BlackBerry. The mini view is a small palette that can be kept in view while using other applications so that you may monitor your BlackBerry status and quickly place and receive phones calls.

View the Impatica viaDock section of the e-newsletter now >>

Updated WebCT/BlackBoard Upload Instructions

Impatica has long had Knowledgebase articles outlining how to upload impaticized PowerPoint presentations to both the WebCT and BlackBoard Learning Management Systems (LMS). Recently, these articles have been upgraded to reflect newer versions of the software [CE 8] and the fact that BlackBoard purchased WebCT several years ago:

Be Heard: Tips for Effective Presentation Narration

Narration is a critical component of Internet-delivered presentations. Here are some suggestions to make your narration more engaging and effective:

  • micBe brief and to the point. Online viewers have a very short attention span and they are only a single click away from leaving. The narration for each slide should be no longer than one minute and preferably less than 30 seconds.
  • Use a script. Even though you may be highly effective as a stand-up or impromptu presenter, your online presentation does not benefit from your presence and charisma. More importantly, you do not have the benefit of watching and gauging your audience’s reaction and perhaps modifying your delivery accordingly.
  • Edit and re-edit. Edit the script to produce the shortest possible way of delivering a clear, concise and focused message.
  • Hire a Pro. Consider using a professional narrator and sound recording studio. This really depends on the objective of your presentation and on the intended audience. If,  for example,  you are using professionally prepared graphics, your presentation probably warrants professional narration. Try it out, review the results and judge for yourself.
  • Identify the author of the presentation. Often viewers like to know who is speaking to them. Consider including a picture of the author, even if it is not the narrator, of the presentation.

One of the best pieces of advice for recording narration is to use a good quality microphone in a quiet environment. You can get a decent vocal microphone for as low as $15-$20.  Generally, the microphone should be “unidirectional” (picks up sound in a single direction). “Omnidirectional” microphones pick up sounds from all directions, resulting in all noise in the room being recorded along with the voice. Most headset microphones will be unidirectional, whereas other free-standing computer mics are omnidirectional.

Position the microphone close to the person speaking (try 6 inches in front of the mouth). The exact distance will depend on how loudly the person speaks, the type of microphone, and the desired type of sound. You can also experiment with having the microphone in different positions relative to the mouth. For example, try positioning the mic directly in front of the mouth, below the mouth pointing up, above the mouth and nose, pointing down, to one side or other of the mouth, etc.

Most microphones will increase the level of bass frequencies when they are placed closer to the mouth. Close positioning will also increase the amount of detailed vocal sounds that are recorded. This can be a problem for such sounds as wind noises from the popping of “p” sounds and the sibilance of “s” sounds. Changing to a better microphone, or moving the microphone to a different location can help control these problems. Adding a nylon screen or foam mic head cover will cut down on these “pops” and “sss” sounds as well.

Presentations will be much easier for the listener to hear if all the words are spoken in a strong, consistent fashion, especially when converting the recorded output to an Internet audio format like ours. The dynamic range of Internet audio and other highly compressed files is very limited. Words that are suddenly very soft in a sentence may be lost in the translation.

Impatica Releases New Website

Impatica is very pleased and excited to present our new website,

The website has had a complete redesign that includes the release of Impatica viaDock. Impatica viaDock is a new Impatica product that enables you to access and control your BlackBerry from your personal computer. A connection between the computer and the BlackBerry is established between the free BlackBerry application, Impatica Connector, and the computer application, Impatica viaDock. Impatica viaDock provides the ability to make phone calls and to control virtually every application on the BlackBerry; including third-party applications. Impatica viaDock simplifies in-person or online training and sales presentations on BlackBerry functionality and applications. Additionally, Impatica viaDock makes it easier to obtain BlackBerry screen captures using third-party screen capture software.

We are also pleased to announce that we have released Impatica Connector, Impatica viaDock and Impatica ShowMate at the new BlackBerry App World™.

Beyond the new product introduction we have also launched the new Impatica blog, Impaticized!. Our new blog replaces the Impatica Tips newsletter that we were using in the past. The blog allows us to share news, events, tips and everything related to Impatica and our products. Impaticized! allows for feedback from our clients as well; articles can be commented on and questions posed. We invite you to subscribe to the Impaticized! RSS feed.

The new website also provides improved access to the Impatica Knowledgebase through RSS feed article highlights on the support page for each product and on the Impatica Knowledgebase home page. The searchable Impatica Knowledgebase has answers to many commonly asked questions regarding Impatica and its products.

New and exciting product releases and upgrades are in our future! We hope you subscribe to our blog in order to not miss any of these future announcements and articles. Through Impaticized!, we can now easily and efficiently communicate with our valued Impatica user community.

Access your BlackBerry from your Personal Computer with Impatica viaDock

viadocklogo-lowresImpatica Inc. has released a new product named Impatica viaDock. Impatica viaDock enables you to access your BlackBerry from your personal computer. With Impatica viaDock, you can easily:

  • Create a fully integrated environment—Use your PC and BlackBerry applications through one single system when at the office, home or anywhere you use a PC
  • Connect via Bluetooth or USB (Windows only) to your desktop or notebook PC
  • Share clipboards—Easily copy and paste text between your PC and BlackBerry applications
  • Quickly switch between BlackBerry applications—Use the application launcher or menu shortcuts to start using any application running on your BlackBerry
  • Dial and receive phone calls—Use on-screen phone controls to quickly make and answer phone calls, enable and disable hands-free talking and turn on and off mute
  • Know who is calling—Get instant notification of incoming calls while using viaDock, or through mini view when using other applications
  • Monitor your BlackBerry status—Always know your battery and radio signal strengths at a glance

The viaDock section of our website provides addtional information, including the system requirements, for Impatica viaDock:

Impatica is Serving up Services!

Overview of Impatica’s menu of professional services

hourglassUsing Impatica’s software is quick and easy. Unfortunately, getting access to time or in-house resources required for projects that use our software, is not. Impatica’s Professional Services team can fill these time or talent gaps and bring your project to a timely completion. A partial list of the services available includes:

  • Presentation Creation and Conversion:
    Let Impatica create PowerPoint presentations from your vision while optimizing the file for conversion with Impatica software.
  • Presentation Renovation:
    Let Impatica enhance and optimize your legacy PowerPoint files for delivery with Impatica software.
  • Presentation Synchronization:
    Synchronization of video/audio with PowerPoint slides, notes and animations.

    • Using Impatica OnCue and Impatica for PowerPoint software products, the services team can synchronize your PowerPoint file (animation, transitions and notes) to an external video or audio file presenting the final project in a template wrapper that reflects your organization’s “look and feel”
  • Professional Voice Over Services:
    Add polish to your presentation with professional narration and voice talent services.
  • Finalized Presentation Delivery Options:
    Impatica’s professionals can prepare your presentation for many types of delivery options:

    • Online streaming content
    • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM delivery
  • Customization of Impatica Software:
    Do you have an idea for improving Impatica software in order to better meet your unique needs? Contract Impatica’s Services and Development team to work with you to make your requirements a reality. They will work with you to implement new functionality into the existing software or to potentially develop new software that benefits both parties.If your organization would like to learn how to better use Impatica software, personalized training is also available.
  • Develop your own in-house talent through:
    • workshops,
    • “lunch and learn” sessions,
    • webinars, and
    • e-learning materials to cover all aspects of developing content with Impatica software.

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