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BlackBerry Alliance Partner E-Newsletter Mentions Impatica viaDock

viadocklogo-lowresImpatica viaDock has been featured in the Summer 2009 edition of the BlackBerry Alliance Partner E-Newsletter. Many thanks to Research in Motion for their continued support of our smartphone screen projection and enhanced usability solution! 

Impatica viaDock can be operated in either normal view or mini view. The normal view displays the handheld screen, supports input from your PC keyboard and mouse and offers a variety of time-saving tools for operating your BlackBerry. The mini view is a small palette that can be kept in view while using other applications so that you may monitor your BlackBerry status and quickly place and receive phones calls.

View the Impatica viaDock section of the e-newsletter now >>

2 comments to BlackBerry Alliance Partner E-Newsletter Mentions Impatica viaDock

  • Kevin Favorite

    I got the trial version of impatica viaDock for my BlackBerry Storm and so far it is working wonderfully I am in the military and always on my computer its part of my job and I am deployed right now so getting signal on my phone is hard to begin with and keeping it long enough to talk to someone is even harder but with viaDock I can find a signal and leave my phone there and talk for hrs to people and so far the only thing I have found with viadock that I don’t like is I can’t click on spaces that take text or buttons like when I am surfing the web I have to click on the items I want to look at physically on my phone I can’t use viaDock to click on it and when I use the click to send mouse controls to handheld I can’t see what I am doing so that doesn’t help at all it pretty much just scrolls. Other than that, viaDock is an awesome application and I would love to purchase it I just wish it wasn’t so much ($39.99 USD) but considering all it can do, its something I might have to budget for. All in all I think any one that uses a BlackBerry should get this application.

  • gmoore

    Regarding the issue you are having with not being able to see the “cursor” for navigating and selecting in the browser; that is a known issue and is due to the restrictions imposed by RIM in the API that they provided third-party application developers like Impatica. When we are given the ability by RIM to include that functionality we will be doing so as soon as possible.

    Impatica Support

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