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Impatica Releases New Website

Impatica is very pleased and excited to present our new website,

The website has had a complete redesign that includes the release of Impatica viaDock. Impatica viaDock is a new Impatica product that enables you to access and control your BlackBerry from your personal computer. A connection between the computer and the BlackBerry is established between the free BlackBerry application, Impatica Connector, and the computer application, Impatica viaDock. Impatica viaDock provides the ability to make phone calls and to control virtually every application on the BlackBerry; including third-party applications. Impatica viaDock simplifies in-person or online training and sales presentations on BlackBerry functionality and applications. Additionally, Impatica viaDock makes it easier to obtain BlackBerry screen captures using third-party screen capture software.

We are also pleased to announce that we have released Impatica Connector, Impatica viaDock and Impatica ShowMate at the new BlackBerry App World™.

Beyond the new product introduction we have also launched the new Impatica blog, Impaticized!. Our new blog replaces the Impatica Tips newsletter that we were using in the past. The blog allows us to share news, events, tips and everything related to Impatica and our products. Impaticized! allows for feedback from our clients as well; articles can be commented on and questions posed. We invite you to subscribe to the Impaticized! RSS feed.

The new website also provides improved access to the Impatica Knowledgebase through RSS feed article highlights on the support page for each product and on the Impatica Knowledgebase home page. The searchable Impatica Knowledgebase has answers to many commonly asked questions regarding Impatica and its products.

New and exciting product releases and upgrades are in our future! We hope you subscribe to our blog in order to not miss any of these future announcements and articles. Through Impaticized!, we can now easily and efficiently communicate with our valued Impatica user community.

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