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Article: “From BASIC to HTML5 – Teaching in the World of BYOD” by Impatica CEO, Michael Doyle, published in “EdNET Insight” online magazine


In this article Impatica’s CEO discusses the impact of computer technology in education over the past third of a century and the exciting opportunities that the new HTML5 standard provides in an environment where students are encouraged to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to school.

Excerpt from From BASIC to HTML5 – Teaching in the World of BYOD:

It does not seem possible that it has been a third of a century since I worked with Enn Pajur, the then-principal of Sharbot Lake High School, to install the first computer in an Eastern Ontario school in September of 1978. Being involved in the evolution since then has been fascinating. Those 4K Commodore PETs with their chiclet keyboards and audio tape recorders are a far cry from the 16-gigabyte tablets used by so many kids today. Surprisingly, both were priced about the same, and the impact on education of both is huge.

With BASIC built-in, high school students had their first hands-on experience with computers and some dabbled with programming. With the exception of a few simple math tutorials and some word games, there really was not any educational software. Teachers were very creative, but in those early days, it was teaching about computers, not through them.

Michael Doyle, Impatica Chairman and CEO

Please read the entire article here:—teaching-in-the-world-of-byod.html

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