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Impatica to Display Technology Behind SANS OnDemand at the SANS 2011 Conference Vendor Expo


SANS 2011 Vendor Expo in Orlando March 29, 2011


The SANS Institute is the most trusted and by far the largest source for information security training in the world. Three years ago SANS selected Impatica as their software provider for SANS OnDemand. In November 2010 SANS announced a promotion based on iPad delivery of their content. Using OnCue, they we able to create one version of their content for all devices including the iPad without compromising quality. The iPad promotion was their most successful ever!

At the SANS 2011 Conference Vendor Expo, Impatica will show the technology behind SANS OnDemand. Visitors will see how techniques and technologies developed by Impatica to meet SANS’ needs can be used to get their content online for delivery to secure environments and even to the iPad.

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