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Impatica viaDock is receiving excellent feedback from our user community!


Impatica viaDock has received offers from our customers to post positive comments about the product on our Website. We are delighted that the software has prompted this type of feedback from the user community! This Impaticized! blog post has been created to provide a location for those interested in commenting on Impatica viaDock.

In a nutshell, Impatica viaDock enables you to access your BlackBerry from your personal computer.

Impatica viaDock can be operated in either normal view or mini view. The normal view displays the handheld screen, supports input from your PC keyboard and mouse and offers a variety of time-saving tools for operating your BlackBerry. The mini view is a small palette that can be kept in view while using other applications so that you may monitor your BlackBerry status and quickly place and receive phones calls.

View the Impatica viaDock product page:

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