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Impatica ShowMate is compared to RIM’s BlackBerry Presenter in BMQ’s Tech Blog

Impatica ShowMate is compared to RIM’s  BlackBerry Presenter in BMQ’s Tech Blog.

Impatica ShowMate
Impatica ShowMate

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Impatica ShowMate is a small, lightweight hardware accessory to project:

  • PowerPoint presentations from BlackBerry, Palm, Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile smartphones;
  • Screen contents from BlackBerry smartphones with BlackBerry OS 4.2.2 or later and from Windows Mobile devices.
  • Both USB and Bluetooth projection capable. Useful when security protocols do not allow for Bluetooth projection.

Simply attach the ShowMate to the VGA port of any projector or monitor and your handheld delivers your PowerPoint presentation wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. You can now roam the stage and interact with the audience to deliver a more engaging presentation, without being tethered to a laptop. In fact, you can now travel laptop free!

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