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Impatica viaDock is Reviewed by Another BlackBerry Blog

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The blog “Blackberry [sic] Software Just another WordPress weblog” has mentioned Impatica viaDock. Interest in this software is growing thanks to the terrific dissemination of information across the user community. Thanks to the owner of the BlackBerry Software blog for further spreading the earlier write-up from Via Ronen Halevy from Once again, we appreciate the support.

2 comments to Impatica viaDock is Reviewed by Another BlackBerry Blog

  • JanetM

    Just moved to BB from Pocket PC and was looking for something similar to the product produced by SOTI – interaction is not quite the same in that it’s a lot more keyboard than mouse based but this seems to be the only product on the market that allows you to control my BB via my PC.

    Main use is when I’m working from home so I can use my Bluetooth headset and dial / take calls without having to pick up the BB – especially as I live in a poor mobile reception area and have to leave the BB close to a window away from my desk!

  • JosephB

    The latest version of ViaDock is perfect with the BlackBerry Torch and has excellent touch-compatible features where clicking on different areas of the screen using the mouse is possible. I use this software for answering and making calls via computer screen, or using my computer keyboard for interacting using text-messaging and BlackBerry Messenger. Presenting anything saved on my mobile is easy. Impactica is fantastic because when I was having trouble, their support team was very quick to help me resolve my issues.

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