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BerryReviewLogo, an online magazine created to explore new features and innovations for the BlackBerry, recently reviewed Impatica viaDock. Their mission is to “to squeeze the ultimate potential and enjoyment from our favorite device” and Impatica viaDock does just that. Use the comforts of your monitor and keyboard to operate your BlackBerry with Impatica viaDock!

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  • Jeff Rodrequez

    I definitely agree with the article! I had seen many apps as of late allowing your BB to control things on your PC (like the VLC remote), but I had been wondering if there was something that would go the other way. I am a programmer for a software company and am at my computer ALL DAY (and night sometimes!). So for me, having this application is like a dream come true! When I get a text or BBM or email and hear my BB make a noise, I no longer have to grab it and then reply or read on the BB screen, instead I just pop up this app’s window and do everything with my PC keyboard! Respond to texts, emails, etc. etc. I LOVE this app! Highly recommend it to anyone that is on their PC a lot. Several other guys in my office have also gotten it and we all are enjoying the increased productivity. Thank you Impatica viaDock!

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